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CD Duplication

CD duplication is the process of creating multiple copies of a compact disc (CD) from a master copy. It is a method commonly used for producing smaller quantities of CDs, typically up to 500 units. The process involves burning the content from the master CD to blank recordable discs (CD-R), producing identical copies that retain the same audio or data as the original.

This process is a cost-effective solution for artists, musicians, businesses, or anyone looking to distribute a moderate quantity of CDs. It offers flexibility in terms of packaging choices and is suitable for those who do not require the large quantities associated with the more extensive and expensive replication process.

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Our CDs are produced with high-quality printing and packaging options. This adds a professional touch to the final product


Whether you need a small batch or a large order, we can accommodate various volume requirements, providing customized solutions

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Very impressed - fast turnaround time. I ordered 250 CDs glass mastered with a 6 panel digipak. High quality result. Also competitive price, was a winner. Will use again.
Unlegal People
Unlegal People
Excellent service, the reproduction of the cover art work was to a very high standard as was the CD duplication, will use again.
Joseph Brown
Joseph Brown
Amazing job. Helpful communication and exceptional end product!
Anabel Voigt
Anabel Voigt
Quick response to questions on their online chat, as well as great communication after placing the order. Very fast delivery (1 day) and all good with the product, everything as ordered 👍
John Chisholm
John Chisholm
Very helpful, on time, and a very professional looking product - many thanks!
Basil Steiner
Basil Steiner
Despite a customs delay, Rush Media Print's product quality on the vinyl sleeves is excellent. Their efforts to resolve the delay were appreciated. Thank you!
19th Street Band
19th Street Band
The folks at Rush Media Print were so easy to work with! Prompt, friendly, accommodating, one-to-one email communication. They helped us meet a deadline, were flexible, and produced a wonderful, professional product. Highly recommend!
Barry Snaith
Barry Snaith
Excellent. Very professional, helpful and patient. Recommended.
Good costumer service. High quality products.

CD Duplication in Printed Card Wallets

cd sleeve

CDs in LP Style Sleeves

A sleek and compact option for a minimalist presentation


CDs in 4 Panel Digifiles

Professional and modern aesthetic CD cover

CDs in 6 Panel Digifile

Ideal for showcasing additional artwork or information in a fold-out format


CDs in 4 Panel Digsleeve

A sophisticated choice with a slip-in design for added visual appeal


CDs in 4 Panel lancing pack

Offering versatility, this option includes lancing for a unique touch

6 panel 2 disc wallet with crescent cut

CDs in 6 Panel Lancing Pack

Adding a unique touch by incorporating a pocket or slit, allowing for an additional insert/booklet or another disc


CDs in Thumb Cut Wallet

It features a convenient thumb cut, allowing for easy access while having a modern look

CD Duplication in Printed Digipacks


CDs in 4 Panel Digipacks

Compact and stylish CD packaging option, providing a sleek platform for creative album presentation


CDs in 6 Panel Digipacks

A more expansive option, perfect for those wanting to include additional content or images


CDs in 8 Panel Digipacks

Offering even more space for creative expression and detailed information


CDs in Maltese Cross Digipacks

The ultimate choice for those with a wealth of content, ensuring a comprehensive presentation

CD Duplication in Jewel Cases


CDs in Standard Jewel Cases

Classic and durable, CDs in a standard jewel case offer timeless elegance with protective casing


CDs in Super Jewel Cases

A sleek, modern alternative offering added durability and enhanced visual appeal

Printed CDs ins Slim CD Jewel Case

CDs in Slim Jewel Cases

Slim jewel case CDs offer a space-saving, streamlined option while maintaining the classic jewel case look, perfect for efficient yet elegant packaging

CD Duplication Services for Musicians and Bands

This service is particularly beneficial for musicians and bands looking to promote their music and distribute physical copies of their albums. Here are some ways in which services cater specifically to the needs of musicians and bands:

    • Creating demo CDs for promotional purposes

Musicians often rely on demo CDs to showcase their talent and secure gigs or record deals. These services enable musicians to create high-quality demo CDs in large quantities. These demo CDs can be distributed to music venues, record labels, and industry professionals, helping musicians gain exposure and opportunities.

    • Producing physical copies of albums for distribution

While digital music formats have gained popularity, many music enthusiasts still appreciate physical copies of albums. It allows musicians and bands to produce professional-grade CDs for distribution. This enables them to cater to fans who prefer owning a physical copy of their favorite music and enhances their branding and market presence.

    • Designing attractive CD artwork and packaging

Visual appeal plays a significant role in capturing the attention of audience. We offer design and printing options for CD artwork and packaging. Musicians and bands can collaborate with graphic designers to create visually striking album covers, booklets, and inserts. This attention to detail enhances the overall listening experience and leaves a lasting impression on fans.

By utilizing this service, musicians and bands can take advantage of customized solutions tailored to their specific needs. Whether it’s creating demo CDs for promotional purposes, producing physical copies of albums, or designing eye-catching CD artwork and packaging, these services contribute to the professional presentation and wider reach of their music.

How Much Do Our Services Cost?

Duplication is a more cost-effective way to create smaller orders of CD copies. The cost of our services depends on the package you choose and the quantity. Discounts may be available if you order in large quantities.

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CD Duplication Process

1. Mastering:

The first step in CD duplication is creating a master copy. The master copy contains the content that will be duplicated onto the blank CDs. This process ensures the accuracy and quality of the duplicated CDs.

2. Duplication:

Once the master copy is ready, the duplication process begins. Specialized equipment replicates the data or audio onto the blank CDs. The number of copies produced depends on the client’s requirements.

3. Printing and Packaging:

After the duplication process, printing and packaging are essential to give the duplicated CDs a professional appearance. We offer various options for printing labels, artwork, and packaging materials. 

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