CD in Super Jewel Box | Super Jewel Case

Super Jewel Box is the best option in need of the best quality in outlook and durability. It gives a super premium quality in displaying the text on all 4 spines. Also, the rounded corners give a magnificent appearance to the super jewel box. Even if it is the same size in measurements as the standard CD jewel case super jewel box can hold two discs on the same tray. It can be inserted up to 48 page booklet and feels very durable and modern.

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The Super Jewel Case is a remarkable innovation that presents an excellent option to the traditional CD Jewel Case. It features robust plastic material all over and comes with a secure locking clasp, ensuring superior durability and optimal protection for your discs. Additionally, its sleek rounded corners give it a modern look that’s sure to impress.

Super CD Jewel Case

  • Premium materials Double CD/DVD super jewel box & clear stackable tray
  • 10mm spine & rounded edges
  • Die cut rear tray card and front insert or booklet up to 48 pages
  • Designed with superior grade plastic for a longer lifespan
  • It can hold 1 or 2 CD, DVD or Blu-ray discs on the single tray
What’s included?
  • 2 page front insert or selection of booklet
  • Full colour offset printed CD
  • The disc will be carried out with duplication or replication according to the quantity selected.
    CD Duplication: 50-300 CDs 
    CD Replication: 500 and above CDs 

Super Jewel Case Measurements

You’ll be pleased to know that the super jewel case sizes are identical to the standard jewel case.

Length: 142mm
Width: 125mm
Depth: 10mm

Super CD Jewel Case Template

Download our free design template to layout your Super CD Jewel Case inlay artwork correctly.