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CD Jewel Case printing is extremely used in most CD albums available in retail stores. It is made of a hard jewel case with a clear or black tray liner where a rear tray insert is placed. The tray card is full-color printed for its attractive appearance. Then a booklet is placed in the case’s front panel.

We offer a variety of booklet options up to 36 pages.

CD Jewel Case printing is now available for small runs of 50 or more units.

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 Full colour printed disc with duplication or replication (above 500 units discs will be replicated)
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You can use our CD Jewel Case templates in any graphic software.
All you need to do is open the PDF file and then use it as a template to create the artwork for your CD release.

If you are having difficulty using the templates, please contact us and we are happy to help you.

The jewel case is a type of packaging commonly used for CDs. It consists of a plastic case that holds the CD and a paper insert that displays the album artwork and other information. The jewel case is popular because of its durability, ease of use, and aesthetic appeal.

Jewel Case Packaging

Jewel case CD Duplication

Jewel case CD duplication is a process used to create multiple copies of a CD by replicating its data onto other CDs. This process is widely used in the music industry for the production of albums and singles, as well as in other fields such as software development.

CD Jewel Case Duplication Process

The jewel case CD duplication process involves several steps.
Firstly, a master copy of the CD is created through a process called mastering. Next, the replication process begins, where specialized equipment transfers the data from the master CD onto blank CDs. The replicated CDs are then printed with the album artwork and packaged in jewel cases. Finally, a thorough quality control process is conducted to ensure that the CDs are free of defects and meet the required standards.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Jewel Case CD Duplication

Jewel case CD duplication has several benefits, including cost-effectiveness, speed of production, and durable and visually appealing packaging. However, there are also some downsides, including the bulkiness of the packaging and environmental concerns related to the plastic used.

Perspectives on Jewel Case CD Duplication

From the perspective of the music industry, jewel case CD duplication is a crucial process for the production of albums and singles. It allows artists to create multiple copies of their music and distribute it to a wider audience. It also provides an opportunity for independent artists to release their music without the need for a record label. From the perspective of consumers, jewel case CD duplication provides a convenient and affordable way to purchase music.

CD Jewel Case Templates