6 Panel CD Digipak


6 Panel CD Digipak with duplicated or replicated discs

We offer 6 Panel CD Digipak which is a little bigger than the regular 4 Panel Digipak which has 6 printable sides and it can hold up to 3 discs. Also, we are offering a slit or tunnel pocket to keep a CD booklet or insert. As we are a disc manufacturer very pleased to inform you that we can make all the variations of the 6-panel digipak such as different tray positions and booklet spaces. If you have more content or 4 discs to present with your album or project consider checking the 8-panel digipak meanwhile. Learn more about digipak.

Core features

 Choice of gloss or matt lamination
 Full-Colour Printing on digipak and CD
 Free UK mainland delivery
 Free Artwork Checks

100 – 300 discs are duplicated.
500 and above, discs are replicated with glass master

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