Digipak CD

Digipak CD is the modern go-to retail packaging choice for CDs and DVDs. Premium printed board stock packaging with a clear plastic tray inside to hold your discs, Digipak CD offers a beautiful and eco-friendly way to store, package and promote your audio or film projects. Available with full-colour printing on the front, inside and back panels, also Digipacks make a great statement about the quality of your content.

Over the past decade, Digipak has grown to become a leading choice in CD retail packaging. Digipaks stormed the disc packaging world as an eco-friendly and premium alternative to the similarly sized jewel case. They are sturdy, with 320gsm cardboard and an inside plastic tray to firmly hold your disc in place. Also, they offer the visual and tactile benefits of having cover artwork directly in the hands of customers, rather than behind a plastic case. Simply put, Digipaks are beautiful and impactful.

Rush Media Print offers a number of digipak product solutions, including multi tray options, 4, 6, 8 & 10 panel CD digipak versions and a “taller” version for DVDs called DVD Digipaks. For larger jobs, we can also produce 8-panel digipak options and 2 disc DVD digipak cases. We can make your custom printed digipak ready for retail with a UPC barcode and shrinkwrap.

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