Our CD Printing Services

Rush Media Print is the UK’s cheapest CD printing specialist located in London. We are building up a reputation for delivering the highest quality printed CDs and packaging with the fastest turnaround times within London, the UK and worldwide.

No matter if you are a small business owner or run a multi-national business, Rush Media Print offers a wide range of CD printing services for your CD project.

CD Screen Printing London - Screen printed CD

CD Screen Printing

Our CD screen printing service allows you to include up to 4 different colours in your design. Whether want to print your band or company logo, or just want to put catchy text on your CD, our CD screen printing services are just right for you. Our screen printing process includes creating a mesh screen for every colour that produces the final design. Each mesh screen is attached to a frame that is fixed on a station of the rotating platform. Each of the six stations can apply colour to your CD and  the ink applied is cured using a UV lamp while moving through the stations. This process is so efficient that it allows us to make nearly 3500 CDs every hour.

Lithographic CD Printing

At Rush Media Print, we also have the CD Lithographic printing machine that allows us to efficiently print complex, multi-colour text and images on the CD. This process involves producing four plates of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black based on the provided artwork. These lithographic plates are then used to produce the inked impression on the rubber sheet. The rubber sheet is then used to transfer the inked image onto the CDs through the automated litho printing machine. All these four colours get mixed in different proportions to make the final image. If your design contains white colour, then we place a base layer of white colour before starting the litho printing process.

Lithographic CD Printing London UK- Litho Printed CD
CD Inkjet Printing - Inkjet printed CD

Digital CD Printing

Rush Media Print also offer Digital CD Printing for short run batch or Express turnaround orders. The digital CD printing process works similarly to an inkjet printer. It will produce a high-quality image of the design, which is then covered with a layer of clear lacquer for an appealing glossy look. The digital printing technique is not suitable when there are large quantities of CDs to be printed.

Huge Facilities, Extreme Flexibility and High Quality

Being one of the leading CD printing service providers in the UK, we take pride in having highly equipped CD printing facilities in the UK, which enable us to provide world-class printing services for blank and duplicated media. Operating these facilities, we are able to handle any amount of order. Whether you want 50 discs or 10,000, we are able to cater your needs by providing high-quality printing services in London. If you are looking to print large quantities of CDs, we suggest that you go for either screen printing or litho printing service based on your project requirements.

At Rush Print, we aim to serve both individual sellers and large organization across the nation with the best quality CD printing services. Whether you are in London, Birmingham, Liverpool or Glasgow, you can avail our services in nearly all the areas of the UK. With low prices and agile approach, you will be delighted to use our CD printing services. Even if you don’t have CD design, our graphic designers will help you create a remarkable design. So, contact Rush Print today if you are looking to make a lasting impression in the market with our CD printing solutions.

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