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If you are looking to order pressed or replicated CDs there is no more than Rush Media Print. We offer a 10 working days turnaround for urgent CD replication jobs. Contact us for a quote on CD pressing today.

What is CD Pressing or CD Replication?

CD pressing or CD replication is what most musicians think of when they consider releasing an album. The CD manufacturing process is typically known as CD pressing. With pressed CDs, we will use the master disc or DDP image you submit to us and create a glass master. The glass master is then used to create a nickel stamper and polycarbonate substrates which are metalized. Pressed CDs are also known as replicated discs.

This process produces a precise replication of your original master in order that your final product sounds exactly the same as the master. You possibly can consider this as professional-grade – if you buy a CD that has been launched by a record label, it actually is a pressed CD.

What printing method is used for Replicated CDs

We provide outstanding offset CD printing UK and silk screen printing, focusing on delivering high-quality results. While offset printing is suitable for any type of artwork and silk screen printing is most suitable for artwork with solid backgrounds containing up to 4 colors of vector artwork. In this method, the output will be a deeper and more solid print.

What is the best time to choose CD Replication?

While CD Replication is much cheaper than duplication when the disc quantity is 500 or more and if you require professionally finished discs. However, there is no impact on the quality of data that is stored or copied on the discs during the duplication or replication process.

CD Duplication vs CD Replication

So to duplicate or to press, that’s the query.

The reply will depend on the size of your order, your budget, and what you hope to do with the product.
Duplicated CDs are a sensible choice for very short runs of CDs as a result you’ll be able to order only as many as you want without the expense related to setting up a glass master. If budget is an issue, duplicated CDs are the budget-friendly alternative for small runs.

In case you want larger runs like above 500 units then replication is the best option. Replication does produce a barely higher product and whenever you get into larger runs, the cost of setting up the master turns cheaper.

Still unsure? Read our comprehensive guide for CD duplication or Replication

CD Manufacturing Services

We provide you with the finest cd manufacturing service with a wide selection of cd packaging from a quantity as low as 50 units. Our prices page contains a detailed breakdown of the prices on standard CD Duplication, CD Pressing & Packaging options; however, if you need additional support, we are more than happy to give you a hand – just contact us by ringing (+44) 0203 4880979 or just leave us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. As a specialist in band CD manufacturing in the UK it’s our pleasure to guide you through the whole cd manufacturing process, from Graphic designing to CD Pressing, and provide you with the final product that you imagined.

Need Help?
We are more than happy to lend our hand to release your CD album hassle-free.

Contemplate Your Targets

You additionally want to think about your targets for your project. There’s nothing wrong with selling duplicated CD-Rs at your shows. You may also promote them through your website and lots of online retailers. However, some retail shops will not sell duplicated CDs. In case you’re looking for major retail distribution and hope to be on plenty of retailer shelves, replication is more likely to be your best choice. 

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John Chisholm
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Basil Steiner
Despite a customs delay, Rush Media Print's product quality on the vinyl sleeves is excellent. Their efforts to resolve the delay were appreciated. Thank you!
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19th Street Band
The folks at Rush Media Print were so easy to work with! Prompt, friendly, accommodating, one-to-one email communication. They helped us meet a deadline, were flexible, and produced a wonderful, professional product. Highly recommend!
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Barry Snaith
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Good costumer service. High quality products.
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Christopher Van Engelen
End product is fantastic! Was kept informed of the process and everyone I spoke to was very helpful. Would recommend, and would use again.
Excellent company to deal with. Excellent quality end result. Some minor transit damage was resolved very quickly with no fuss at all. Will definitely use again.
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Opa Rosa
We ordered 200 CDs and they arrived promptly and looking and sounding great! Thanks

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