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Our full colour printed LP record sleeves are the perfect way to showcase your music in style. We offer a range of vinyl sleeve printing and design services to help you create a unique and professional look for your release. Our LP Jackets are made from high-quality cardstock and can be printed on the front and back panels without or with a 3mm spine.

We are supplying only the sleeves and no vinyl records are included. 

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Vinyl Record Sleeve Printing – LP Record Jacket

Vinyl sleeve printing is one of the most well-known and distinctive parts of vinyl record packages. This part has been included in vinyl records since their invention and it has been used until now. Vinyl record sleeves are the packaging for vinyl records as they’re shipped, distributed and sold. They provide a convenient way to store vinyl records after they’ve been played, keeping them clean and protected from dust and dirt that might damage or dirty them. Some vinyl sleeves also include information about the vinyl records they contain on their inside panels.

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Outer vinyl sleeves

Are you looking for a way to protect your vinyl records? Look no further than our outer record vinyl sleeves! Made of sturdy cardboard, these sleeves will keep your records safe from scratches and other damage. Plus, they add a touch of class to any album collection. Order yours today!

  • The outer vinyl sleeves are printed on 400 microns boxboard.
  • Option with gloss or matt lamination

2 panel vinyl record outer sleeve printing with no spine

The most generic type of packaging for a vinyl record. If you just want a simple way to package your LP, this is the cheapest and quickest option. Just two panels that fold into each other and have a small glue flap sewn inside. The advantage is that it’s quick to manufacture and therefore cheap as well as easy to store (space-saving), but the disadvantage is that there are no options for additional graphics or inserts like there are with 3mm spine sleeves or gatefold sleeves.


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