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Express CD Duplication with High Quality Services Guaranteed

We understand the urgency of your CD duplication needs.
Are you in a time crunch and need your CDs duplicated fast without compromising on quality?
Look no further! Our express turnaround service is here to save the day, ensuring you receive your duplicated CDs
within just 5-7 working days.
We are dedicated to delivering exceptional results while meeting your tight deadlines.
Trust us to handle your CD duplication needs with speed, precision, and a touch of magic.

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Your Music, Amplified

We know how important your music is to you. It's your passion, your art, and your voice. Our express CD duplication service is designed to amplify your music by providing lightning-fast turnaround times. Whether you're an independent artist, a band, or a record label, we understand that time is of the essence when it comes to getting your music out there. With our expertise and commitment to efficiency, we ensure that your CDs are duplicated swiftly and delivered to your doorstep, ready to captivate your audience.

Unleash the Power of Speed

Time is a precious resource, especially when you have important deadlines to meet. Our express CD duplication service is tailored to meet the demands of your fast-paced music career. We eliminate the stress of long wait times, allowing you to focus on what you do best – creating incredible music. With our cutting-edge equipment and skilled technicians, we guarantee top-notch duplication quality without compromising on speed. Your music will be brought to life in record time, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to shine.

The Promise of Quality

We believe that speed should never come at the expense of quality. Our express CD duplication service maintains the highest standards, delivering pristine copies of your music every time. Our experienced team meticulously handles each duplication process, ensuring accurate reproduction and impeccable sound quality. From the moment you submit your order to the day you receive your duplicated CDs, we remain dedicated to providing a seamless and professional experience. Trust us to bring your music to life while maintaining the utmost level of quality.

Your Success, Our Priority

At Rush Media Print, your success is at the heart of everything we do. We understand the challenges faced by musicians and industry professionals, and we're here to support your journey. With our express CD duplication service, we offer you a competitive edge, allowing you to seize opportunities and make a lasting impact. We take pride in being a reliable partner, ensuring that your CDs are duplicated promptly and accurately. Let us be your trusted ally in achieving your music goals.

Excellent service.
The express turnaround was very efficient, as promised,
and the final product was beautifully produced.

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What's Included in Express Order

Full-colour printed package

High-quality, digitally printed full-color packages are available for all express orders.

Gloss or matt lamination

The choice between gloss or matte lamination is available as the desired finish for packages.

Duplicated discs

The discs will be carried out with duplication for all quantities with express turnaround time.

Discs printed in full colour

CDs' on body will be scratch resistance UV printed in full colour.

Artwork checked for free

Our team will check your artwork at no extra cost.

Delivered Free for UK mainland

Free 24hrs delivery is offered for all express orders to a UK mainland address.

Don’t let time be a barrier to your success.
Experience the thrill of our express CD duplication service and unlock your music’s full potential. Our lightning-fast turnaround time of just 5-7 working days will bring your career forward, ensuring you never miss a beat. 
Trust Rush Media Print to deliver excellence, quality, and speed, all wrapped up with a genuine passion for your music.

Contact us today and let us bring your vision to life with our