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CD Duplication

We are endeavor hard to offer top quality manufacturing service for CD Duplication at the lowest possible price in the UK. Not just duplication, but we also offer CD replication service at affordable prices. We provide a price match promise on all our products to ensure you are getting the best bang for your bucks. With a massive range of disc packaging options to choose from, you will certainly find a suitable packaging material for your CDs.

DVD Duplication

Beside CDs, we also specialize in DVD manufacturing, duplication and printing at reasonably low costs.Whether you order 100 or 1000 units, we have a huge experience in processing large DVD duplication orders and deliver superior quality product at competitive prices.

Our DVD copying service follows two ways to manufacture DVD: replication and duplication. In the both the methods, we do full color printing on the disc’s surface. We offer a range of packaging products for your disc, which includes DVD cases, DVDs printed in card sleeves and DVD Digipaks. Our full range of DVD packaging products can be found here.

CD Replication

Rush Media Print offer the UK’s cheapest CD Replication services for orders of above 500 units. At this volume CD Replication is a more cost effective method of production compared to CD Duplication.

Rush Media Print - CD Duplication, Pressing, CD Manufacturing & Package Printing Harrow, London


4, 6, 8 & 10 panel CD digipaks with CDs.

DVD manufacturing and duplication service


4, 6 & 8 panel DVD digipaks with printed & pressed DVDs.

cd jewel case with booklet | Rush Media Print

Jewel Cases

with printed booklet and
tray card

Rush Media Print - CD Duplication, Pressing, CD Manufacturing & Package Printing Harrow, London

Wallet & Digifile

CD & DVD in printed card Sleeves or Wallets & Digifiles

Bulk CD printing and bulk DVD duplication UK | Rush Media Print

CDs & DVDs

with printing and duplication or replication