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What is DDP master and why do you need it?

The DDP master is a standardized digital audio format for delivering “masters” that are ready to be replicated and manufactured into CDs, vinyl records or cassettes. DDP stands for Disc Description Protocol. The file set consists of wave (.wav) files that contain the audio waveform as well as metadata. This metadata includes information about the track such as title, artist, producer and duration. Naming your album An album should have a name that incorporates the titles of the songs on it.  

To create a DDP master, you need to have a program that can export CD layout with CD-Text and track information in an industry standard format (.CDF) and common digital audio file formats (WAV or AIFF).

While CD-Text is optional, if you want your song titles to display on CD players, then CD-Text (metadata) must be included in the DDP master.